My main field of interest is accretion disk theory with special focus on X-ray emission, time variability, and ejection of relativistic jets.

I study high energy sources such as accreting black holes in stellar mass binaries, Active Galactic Nuclei powered by supermassive black holes, and gamma rays bursts, where the energy powering relativistic jets is extracted from a rotating black hole. My theoretical work is based on short- and long-timescale numerical simulations of black hole accretion. The publications listed in this website are categorized into four groups. First is devoted to transient explosive very high energy sources - Gamma Ray Bursts and their central engines. Second group contains my works on long-living sources such as accreting Black Hole X-ray Binaries, some of which are also transients (they undergo active and quiescent accretion phases). Third group collects my works on Active Galactic Nuclei, which emit high energy X-ray radiation through their accretion process. The last category collects works related to gravitational wave sources - some of them are detectable in electromagnetic band as GRBs.

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